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REViS - Real Estate Visa Solutions by EMS

Immigration via Real Estate Investments

At REViS we offer end to end global immigration services to almost

any country that allows immigration via real estate investments.

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REViS specializes in assisting investors, individuals and their families to obtain residence and visas via real estate investments in various countries worldwide.    REViS is a division of EMS – Employee Mobility Solutions.

Real Estate with Benefits

REViS allows you to obtain the benefits of investing in real estate while helping you use it towards your visa and residence immigration plans in various countries worldwide.

A Unique Solution

Our services cover all aspects of the immigration process both in the home and host countries and in all parts of the world, we integrate our immigration and real estate capabilities to provide a one of a kind solution.

Experts in Worldwide Immigration

REViS is a divison of Employee Mobility Solutions (EMS).  EMS specializes in providing immigration services in over 85 countries worldwide.  REViS leverages on EMS’ capabilities by providing real estate visa and immigration support in various countries worldwide.



EMS – Employee Mobility Solutions’ Immigration Capabilities in Numbers

Years Providing Services

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Proprietary Locations Worldwide

Countries Serviced

Quality Solutions

A talented team of experts offer will offer you prompt, quality and tailor-made solutions for your future real estate and immigration plans.

Invest in Real Estate

Our solutions for investors, individuals and families allow to diminish the risks associated to immigration through the advantages of real estate and real estate associated investments. We help extend the options available to investors that prefer real estate investments over any other type of business or investment.



Focusing on Your Needs

Each investor has individual needs and plans for the future.  Our client centric approach focuses on understanding your expectations, matching it to country specific requirements and helping you prepare your strategy.