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What is REViS?

We specialize in helping investors, individuals and their families to obtain residence and visas via real estate investments in various countries worldwide.    REViS is a division of EMS – Employee Mobility Solutions.

What countries does REViS cover?

REViS is a division of EMS.  We leverage on EMS’ capabilities to provide immigration services in over 85 countries worldwide.  There are however limitations on which countries allow for immigration through real estate investment.  Please contact us in order to review which countries are eligible, whether they are currently covered by REViS and if they meet your investment criteria.

What type of projects will I be investing in?

There is no certain answer until we are able to evaluate your specific case. Investment project types will vary by country, market availability as well as your investment expectations and plans.

Are there any additional fees apart from the investments?

There may be additional fees including:  Immigration service professional fees, government application fees, regional center administrative fees, real estate commissions (depending on country), and other third parties (translations, notaries, etc.)


If I invest are there any guarantees that I will obtain my visa, citizenship or residence?

The issuance of visa, residence or citizenship is at the discretion of government authorities.  REViS or EMS may not guarantee the decisions of any government entity.  If the applicant does not meet the qualification required under a country’s laws then applications may be denied or additional supporting documentation may be required.   REViS will provide the applicant guidance based on probabilities of success on the application.