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Global Immigration Services

A team of specialized lawyers and specialists will help you understand the key aspects related to your immigration process. REViS and EMS will help you cover all legal requirements while providing support through the entire process, from basic immigration logistics of each particular case to processing all legal and administrative documentation in both the home and host country.

Trusted Results

Our team will work with you to design your immigration plans based on the country you wish to obtain a residence or visa.   We will help you understand the necessary requirements from an investment perspective and the probabilities of a successful immigration process based on your specific case.

Worldwide Coverage

At REViS our goal is to provide our clients coverage to any country where immigration is permissible through real estate investments. REViS is an affiliated group Employee Mobility Solutions (EMS) company, a worldwide immigration services provider.  This is why we may provide support throughout the entire process, in the both home and host countries, in over 85 countries worldwide.

Strategy and Implementation

With REViS, clients and real estate investors can rely on a team of experienced specialists to handle their complete immigration process in both departure and arrival countries. From understanding which countries allow for immigration via real estate investment to crafting a successful immigration strategy and dealing with all the legal and administrative formalities associated to the process.

Our International Immigration Services include:

Immigration via Real Estate Consulting
Our consulting is based on extensive knowledge of the country specific requirements and regulations that allow for immigration, real estate investments and a prospective investor’s ability to live and work in a specific country. With our services, both the investor and family members can rest assured they are planning correctly and preparing to comply with the laws of their new host country.
Services in the Home Country
We help manage everything required during the visa and residence application process before the prospective investor departs. Our solutions in the departure country include obtaining, translating and processing any documents required as part of the application process. REViS and EMS are qualified to offer these services in more than 85 countries.
Assistance in Home and Host Countries
Our services in the home country include: consular assistance, preparation of consular files, work and residency visas, temporary visas, and the procurement, legalization and Apostille of all necessary documents. To help in the host country, our company offers immigration planning and implementation, work and residency visas, identification documents and driving licenses, work and tax registrations, health coverage assistance and more.

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