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How REViS Works

1. Request an Evaluation

A REViS specialized consultant will work with you to explain the investment requirements of the country that you wish to apply for and will provide an overview of the entire process.*

2. Build a Plan

Your designated REViS consultant will help you build your personal plan for your immigration application process and set a timeline for your investments.

3.  Identify Real Estate Investments

Based on your profile you will be assigned a local real estate investment specialist that will provide you with investment options available in the local market.**

4. Initiate the Application Process

Depending on the country’s requirements we will help you initiate the immigration process prior or after the investments have been made.  Depending on the country you are planning on moving to, REViS may also provide support during the real estate aquisition process.

*Certain countries allow for Immigration via Real Estate Investments.  Your REViS consultant will guide you on which countries are eligible.

**Real Estate investment visa, residence and citizenship programs, requirements and investment amounts vary by country.

**Certain countries may require different types of real estate investment models or projects different from direct acquisition of real estate.  REViS will provide guidance on what is required in a specific country and available alternatives.